Samot's diferencial in Eletrolytic Deburring


Machining is known as the most popular manufacturing process in the world, but most of these operations leave irregular corners and project hardened material along the edges, named burrs.

Most of the time, the deburring is performed manually, which technically limits the process and may result in different problems for the product, especially concerning quality, as well as ergonomic issues for the operator.

Aiming at minimizing such risks, SAMOT invests in a non-conventional process, with specific equipment and technology focused on Electrochemical Machining (ECM), which removes the burrs resulting from common machining processes (lathing, bearing milling, drilling, etc.). Electrochemistry is the technical term used to refer to the electrolytic process, since it works with an electrolyte solution.

The ECM deburring is applied most of the times in areas of the part that other processes cannot reach – for example, in the drilling meeting point. Due to the high costs related to investing in the tool (electrode) and equipment, this operation is only feasible for large scale productions.

In the deburring process, the electrolyte is comprised of an aqueous solution that consists in 5 to 20% of the vat volume in sodium chloride (NaCl) or sodium nitrate (NaNO3). To guarantee it occurs as desired, it is necessary to measure and control several requirements, such as: pH, pressure, temperature, electrolyte flow speed, working voltage, and machining time. Check other benefits below:

Advantages of the ECM Process

  • The hardness and resistance of the material have no influence on deburring;
  • No thermal or mechanical load in the machined parts;
  • Parts with thin walls can be machined without being deformed;
  • It is possible to machine in areas of difficult access;
  • Process easy to adapt to the line flow;
  • • Short machining time.


Always creating products with excellence, SAMOT uses electrolytic deburring as one of the processes it offers as differentials to cater to customers with high-quality level.




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