Anodization at SAMOT: Precision in Durability and Aesthetics

Anodization at SAMOT: Precision in Durability and Aesthetics

At SAMOT, anodization is a practical approach to enhance the durability and aesthetics of aluminum alloys. Our controlled process ensures reliable results with two aspects: hard anodization, wear-resistant, and aesthetic anodization, offering customized decoration options.

Controlled Process for Reliable Results:

In our automated line, each step of anodization is rigorously controlled. We adjust variables such as temperature, electrical current, and exposure time to ensure a consistent anodic layer. This meticulous care results in pieces with exceptional durability.

Hard and Aesthetic Anodization: Flexibility to Meet Needs:

Understanding that customer needs vary, we offer two approaches to anodization. The hard version, performed in sulfuric acid, provides wear resistance and electrical insulation. Aesthetic anodization, on the other hand, allows customized decoration options, adding value to the pieces.

Tradition and Experience: The SAMOT Commitment:

With over 40 years of experience, SAMOT excels in producing high-quality pieces. Our commitment goes beyond tradition; it is a continuous practice of reducing lead times and creating special alloys tailored to the most challenging applications.

Practical Applications and Market Trends:

Anodization at SAMOT is a practical solution for various applications, from aluminum frames to automotive components (brake system powertrainamong others). We align with market trends, ensuring practical and efficient solutions.

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