New Machining Applications: Beyond the Conventional

New Machining Applications: Beyond the Conventional

The machining industry is undergoing a revolution driven by the increasing demand for innovative and sustainable products.In addition to conventional applications, machining is expanding into new territories, opening doors to emerging markets and offering high-quality solutions in various sectors. In this article, we will explore some of the new machining applications worldwide including an initiative by the company SAMOT. SAMOT.

Machining is a widely used manufacturing process in various industries. Traditionally, it has been associated with the production of parts for combustion engine applications and components used in sectors such as automotive, aerospace, and industrial machinery. However, recent innovations are expanding the scope of machining, allowing it to be applied in new fields and technologies.

SAMOT, in particular, is excelling in the production of high-quality machined parts for various sectors, including the electric vehicle industry. With the growing demand in this area, there are already SAMOT units that are designated and equipped to produce components for this need. Machining plays a crucial role in the manufacture of these components, ensuring the precision and quality necessary for proper functioning.

In addition to electric vehicles, there are several other noteworthy machining applications in the current context:

  • Renewable Energies: With the need to transition to clean and sustainable sources, the production of machined components for wind turbines, solar panels, and hydropower systems is on the rise;
  • Medical Industry: Precision machining is essential for the production of custom prosthetics and implants, enabling patients to have a better quality of life. Hip and knee prostheses and other medical devices are examples of products that require precision and reliability, making machining a fundamental part of this process;
  • Aerospace Industry Parts: With the increasing demand for lighter and more efficient aircraft, the aerospace industry demands exceptional quality products capable of withstanding extreme conditions and ensuring passenger safety.

SAMOT, in addition to being prepared to supply machined parts for electric vehicles, is also exploring innovative machining applications. The company is at the forefront of this evolution, offering high-quality machining solutions and contributing to a more sustainable and technologically advanced future..

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