Solutions in Agriculture Machining

The agriculture industry has one of the highest growth rates worldwide, and a wide share of these positive results is thanks to the investment in technology and innovation that facilitate the production optimization. The fact that agribusiness is heating up brings the expectation of a promising future. According to the Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil (CNA) the Gross Production Value (VBP) for the sector in Brazil is expected to hit a record of BRL 1.173 trillion in 2021, an increase of 15.8% on a YOY basis, which is especially boosted by the strong performance of the agriculture industry.


Additionally, with the automation revolution, there is the need for new implements and parts, and to do this there need to be competent and reliable companies to provide support, meeting flexible demands in the correct deadline, which has become increasingly essential.

The forecast on expansion for the next few years goes beyond national borders, where the North American market stands out as a business possibility, which providers need to be prepared to meet such needs – from the most different markets and requirements. In this standpoint, SAMOT has a plant strategically located in Mexico, prepared to meet such demand, especially from the United States. The proximity and facility for road shipment contribute to a lower Lead Time, according to the client’s need. Additionally, all our plants maintain the high-quality standard and capability to meet requirements from the international market.

With over 60 years of existence, SAMOT has a know-how that allows also including in our scope solutions for the agriculture industry and guaranteeing the delivery of several machining solutions for purposes such as machine parts, equipment, tools, and countless implements that your company needs. Therefore, we currently have all necessary features and availability to develop diversified items and receive new projects through high-quality machining services and, if necessary, we include the supply of the raw material to be used.

Contact us to learn more and guarantee a reliable and competent provider to follow your business expansion!

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